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About Gods of Rome game

This game is a fighting game where you need to fight your enemy and beat the crap out of your enemy. The cool things about this game are that you play as the gods from Rome like Zeus, Hades, Ares, Aphrodite, and much more.

This game has great graphics, and when you attack your opponent with your skill, the beautiful effects will amaze you that you forget that this game is a mobile game. This game is similar to Mortal Kombat X where you play in fast-paced fighting round. If you like a game where you can play as mighty gods with beautiful graphics, this is the game for you then.

 What is the special about Gods of Rome?

This game is an AAA mobile game because it has beautiful graphics and runs smooth on both Android and IOS. There is another fighting game where the character is too mediocre, but this game is special because you play and also learn about the Roman Pantheon, it is like you play and study at the same time. All in all, this game is worth to play for a long time.


When you fight in your first match you may confuse a little bit, but luckily there is the tutorial where it shows you how this game works. The tutorial will guide you to understand every mechanism this game has. When you finish the tutorial you feel right a great fighter that is ready to take down all Roman Gods that is stand in your way. Beat the crap out of them with your punch, kick, and striking skills.

This game has a currency system to buy everything you need for the game. Gems are the currency in this game. You need Gems to buy almost everything in the game store like Items, Gods and much more. You can get Gems free if you wait it out for a long time. Every game now has the currency system similar like this so, prepare your money to win in this game.

In-App purchases vs Gods of Rome Cheats

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