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About Into The Dead Gameplay

This game is a revolutionary game because it is the first game where the genre of FPS combined with Endless Running genre. In this game, you play as a soldier whose helicopter just got down in the middle of nowhere and in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. You need to keep running for your life as far as you can make it. And the best thing is that you can get to use some weapons and shoot your way out of a zombie barricade. There are lots of weapons that you can use to shoot the zombies, such as pistols, SMG, grenade, Minigun, and much more weapons that we cannot mention all of it here.

When you picked up a weapon while running, the weapons will have some ammo in it but when they out of ammo, the weapons will automatically drop and you must run again with no guns until you pick another gun along the way, but be prepared when you running without gun you will be blocked and die by the zombies easily, so you need to work on your move strategy.

What makes Into The Dead Different?

The point of this game is that you need to run as far as you can get without being blocked and eaten to death by the zombies. When you die, you will respawn back to the crashed helicopter and start your distance all over again. In this game, you can also have a dog as a companion that will help you in your runaway. The companion system is one of the best things this game ever has. When the game first release you can only run solo, but when the companion update arrives, you can run with your dog in the heat of zombie apocalypse. If you like an endless running game and FPS in one gameplay, this is the game you must play.

In-App-Purchases vs Into The Dead Cheats

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