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About Unkilled game

For you who don’t know about this game, this is an FPS zombie-themed game where you play as a soldier in the center of a town that is plagued by a disease that turns the people into flesh-eating creatures. This game was released on 3 September 2015 on Android and IOS platform. This game is a free to play the game.

Unkilled has AAA graphics for a mobile game so that means only a few modern smartphone that can play this awesome game smoothly. Madfinger is the creator of this game and this developer is well-known for releasing a success zombie game like Dead Trigger 1 and Dead Trigger 2. With the developer so famous you can believe that this game would be so awesome to play.

Unkilled Gameplay

This game is FPS genre so that means you will play this game in the first person view. Prepare your heart for this thrilling game because you need to kill tons of zombies that plaguing your beloved city. You are a soldier who sent to this chaos to purge this city by killing those terrifying monsters with hundreds of weapons.

There are lots of weapons you can use here to kill the zombie in a variety of fun way. You can kill zombies with melee weapons like katana, bat or you want to kill zombies with guns like Pistols, SMG, Assault Rifles, Minigun and even a Rocket Launcher. When you first start the game, they will give a basic weapon, nothing fancy, but as you progress ahead you can unlock even more weapons to shoot some zombie’s head. Weapons can also be upgraded through your progress so you can deal more damage along the time.

This game is a single-player game so that means you can only play the story and not play the multiplayer, maybe in the future, this game will be patched with multiplayer co-op, who knows right? The story of this game is about Joe, a member of WOLFPACK, a private military unit whose task is to fight the zombie menace before it becomes global. Joe is sent to New York to deal with a huge zombie outbreak.

in-App-Purchase vs Unkilled Hack

Now you already know what game is this and what the game offer you. To buy stuff in the game like weapons you need to find blueprints of the weapons or you buy the blueprints with Gold and Money you have. You can get Gold and Money through the mission that you are doing but it will give you only a few money and gold. The fast way is that you buy the Gold and Money pack from the in-game store. You buy those items with real money you have.

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