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About Dead Trigger 2 Game

This awesome game was released on 23 October 2013 for Android, IOS and Facebook platform. This game is so awesome because nobody thought that this game is created using Unity Game Engine. Many game critics like Slide-to-Play and Android Police said this game is an amazing game because the quality of the graphics is almost equal to Xbox360 and Playstation 3.

Dead Trigger 2 is a free-to-play game, that means you can download the game free and play the game. Besides the great graphics, there are other things that make this game great like the tons of weapons that you can use, Arena Mode where you can test your skill in wave after wave of zombie hordes.

What makes Dead Trigger 2 different

Unlike other zombie shooting games, Dead Trigger 2 is special because of the Great graphics, smooth gameplay and full of actions. One of the great thing in this game is the story, where you take part of a resistance force that tries to retake the world from zombies from one city to another. Build your best HQ for your frontline of destroying zombies for good.


To start the explanation of this game we better with the beginning of the story. This game is a successor to the game with the same title Dead Trigger, the game is about the world that has been fallen by the mysterious virus that mutates the people into a flesh eating monsters. The player plays as the survivor tries to survive the zombie apocalypse by joining a team of the resistance who also try to figure out what the hell happened and fix the zombie disaster back to normal.

In the early game, the player starts with basic weapons like a knife for melee attacks, and a pistol for range attack. For the starting, the basic weapon is sufficient enough to kill dozens of zombies but as the player progress further into the game, the difficulty also getting harder. The zombies are getting hard to kill with the basic weapons unless you upgrade it or get newer and better weapons. To get new weapons you need the blueprints of the weapons and to get that you just hope that you can find some when you play the stage and kill some special zombies.

The introduce of blueprints system to get new weapons is actually quite annoying because, the cooler the weapon, the harder it gets to be collected. You can get the blueprints fully collected if you purchase it with Gold. Gold is the currency in this game, like everyone said, Gold is everything. To get Gold you need to pay it with real money from your pocket.

In-App-Purchases vs Dead Trigger 2 Cheats

When you starting this game, you only have enough resources to do one upgrade for your game. After you pass the early game, the real Gold struggling begins. To get Gold you may need to play hundreds of stages to get enough for buying the blueprints of weapons. If you rich enough you can buy it straightly from the in-game store using the money you have in your pocket.

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