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About World At Arms Game

Gameloft is a company that is known for the high-quality games they made. Their titles usually look good, sometimes being at the top of the charts for graphics. This game is one of their great titles. World At Arms promise a thrilling war experience from building your base to destroy your enemies’ bases.

We already said that this game has a beautiful graphics and what’s more is that this game is full of action. You can literally destroy everything on your opponent’s base. Many people play this game because it is addicting to play.

What makes World At Arms Different

This game is an RTS genre, that means it is all about strategy. You need to build your bases with a perfect defensive structure. What makes this game different is that you can create an alliance with your friends so you can cooperate with your friends for help or attack enemy’s base.


When you first start the game, you begin with the tutorial that teaches you about the game, how you build things, interact with them, and then you will get your first combat. At the early game, you get only enough resources to upgrade a few things in the game. After you pass the tutorial, the real fun begins where you have to journey on your own and decide what base for your military base.

The combat in this game is really fun because of the graphics and the gameplay itself. The gameplay in the combat is that you used your unit and kill all the enemy in your path. You can fire automatically but will occasionally shoot off a missile and can even block incoming enemy salvos by swiping at the screen. It’s a beautiful mixture of action, automated combat and using latest mobile capable graphics and response. There’s never visible of lag and even basic fights can vary, depending on how much you can afford to spend on missiles or other extra weapons.

If you are a new player to this game, don’t worry because you won’t be confused by the combat, even when it became challenging. If there’s one thing Gameloft is good at, it’s giving you a fun time with this game.

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