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About CSR Racing 2 Game

This awesome racing game was released on June 29, 2016. When this game released, the critics praised this game as a beautifully executed. This game has an amazing graphics for a mobile platform game. This game comes from the creator of CSR Racing 1 and CSR Classics.

The developer of this game has done a great job by releasing this game to the mobile gaming world. There are many racing games out there but this game has its own exclusive different. This is a free game so you don’t have to pay to download it, and it is available for Android and IOS platform.

What makes CSR Racing 2 Different

Although this is a racing game and you probably know the gameplay of every racing game, but this one is different from others. Usually, a racing game is taking the camera view on the back of the cars, but this game is from the side of the cars. The gameplay of this game is only limited to drag race. In this game, all you have to do is change the transmission at the right time to cross the finish line first place.

Although this game is just a drag racing game, but the customization is so deep. You can change every inch of your car from the visual to the mechanical engine inside your car to make a perfect ride.


When first playing this game, you can learn it from the tutorial where they told you what to do and introduce the game mechanic system. After you complete the tutorial you will be given only a few money that enough to buy you a basic car for your racing career. When you have bought your basic car all you have to do now is grind in every race to collect resources you needed to tune your car.

Tuning a car is a must in CSR racing world. If you don’t tune in your car, you will be left behind by your opponents. Pay attention that as you progress the enemy is getting faster and faster, so tune your car occasionally. When your car is fully tuned but still overwhelmed by your enemy, then you need to purchase another car with a superior engine.

As you keep progressing in this game, you will have to take down every enemy bosses and if you lucky enough you can get their sweet ride. Bosses in this game can be hard to defeat because they are sometimes too fast to defeat. That is why you must tune the engine in your car to the max!

In-App-Purchases vs CSR Racing 2 Cheats

When you finish the tutorial you will get only enough money to buy a basic car. The early game you only have a few resources. After you pass the tutorial, the depressing days begin. You need to do every race in this game to get some resources that you need to tune in your car. Tuning your car in this game is going to cost you lots of Gold and Cash.

You can get Gold and Cash from every racing you won but still, it will not be enough to upgrade your car to the max. You probably can get free Gold by subscribing to their facebook page or watch some ads, but eventually, that is still not enough. Players can buy Gold and Cash with your REAL money through the micro-transaction. Or the best way is to use our CSR Racing 2 Hack.

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