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About Deer Hunter 2014 game

The developer GLU has done something great when they made Deer Hunter 2014. This awesome hunting game was released on 6 June 2014 for both Android and iOS. This is a freemium game about hunting animals. This is one of the great hunting game because it has great graphics and great gameplay.

This game is free to download from the Play Store. We know that this game is a hunting themed game, so it will be about hunting animals in the wild. Use lots of weapons to take down the beasts. Like we said that this game has great graphics and great gameplay. This game is worth try for you who dreamed of being a hunter.

What makes this game different

You probably knew lots of hunting game. But this game here has its own uniqueness. The thing that makes this game different is that there is a feature where you can somehow, slow down the time to take a shot to the animals. Another feature is that you can see the animals’ heart when they are about to attack you. You won’t need to walk around in every hunting stage of this game because you just shoot animals around you.


When you finished downloading the game and start it for the first time, you will enter tutorial mode. The tutorial stage is when you are introduced to the game mechanics style and guided on how to interact with the game features. After you finish the tutorial, you will have the option of what to do next, like hunting certain animals in a special mission.

You can hunt down animals with lots of weapons in this game like Pistols, shotgun, sniper rifle and much more. Each gun in this game can be upgraded in every aspect of the guns, like the bullets for example. Each gun and the bullet can be specified to hunt certain animals. See the weaponry recommendation before starting hunting stage or you will be overwhelmed by the animals.

Be sure to keep in mind that every time you play the stage it will cost you some energy. When you running out of energy, you cannot hunt animals. You must wait for the energy to recharge to full again so you can do another hunting. All in all, this game is a great game and can hone your hunting skill and your aiming skill. With the great graphics, this game is worth a shot.

In-App-Purchases vs Deer Hunter 2014 Hack

The problem with every freemium game is the annoying currency system. Like Deer Hunter 2014, this game also has a currencies system which means if you want to buy the items in the store you need to pay with Bucks or Glu credits.

When you play this game for the first time after finish the tutorial, you only have a few Bucks and Glu credits to spend. After you running out of those items, you will find a hard time to get all the guns in the store. You can get Bucks and Glu credits if you buy it with real money you have. that is the easy way to get the currencies if you rich enough.

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