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About Carx drift racing game

Carx Drift Racing was released around 2015 for Android and iOS. When this game released, the response is quite good for the gamer. This game was developed by Carx Technologies. Almost 10 thousand people download and play this game and that means this game is very popular. Yes, it popular because this game has lots of features that can make you amazed.

This game has a beautiful graphics, almost feels like playing a console game although you play it on a mobile device. Other great features of this game are that you can modify every inch of your car. From the visuals to the engine, and you can upgrade it to the max. That is just some of the features that make this game so awesome. If you want to play this game, it is free to download on Play Store or Apple App Store.

What makes Carx Drift Racing different

There is much drift racing out there on the mobile platform, but there are only a few of them that is really good in every aspect. Like this drifting game that is so awesome and make it different with others is that the features of Online multiplayer. You can compete with your friends to prove who is the best when it comes to behind a wheel.


This game offers lots of fun features for you so you can enjoy it for hours. But before you can enjoy all the available features, you need to know the basics of everything in this game. That is why when you first play this game, there will be tutorial stage when they teach you about how to play the game, and how to interact with the game’s mechanics.

At the tutorial stage, they will teach how to drift racing in this game, because as you know this game is no ordinary racing like others. This is drifting game which means that you need to understand how to drift isntead of just racing your opponents and be the winner. In the tutorial you will get the first car that you will use to progress in your career. After the you finish the tutorial, you can keep the car so you can progress in the career mode. When you doing career mode you need to keep in mind that your car is need to be upgraded. You can upgrade the visuals and the engine of your car.

To upgrade your car you need money, and here it is called Cash. Cash can be used either to upgrade your cars or buy new ones. Be wise to act if you need to upgrade your cars or simply just buy a better new one. When you finish the tutorial, you will recieve some free Cash, but it won’t be enough to fully upgrade your car. So all you need to do is do every drift race to get some Cash to upgrade your car.

In-App-Purchases vs Carx Drift Racing Hack

We said that before that you need Cash to upgrade or buy new car in this game. Cash can be achieved from every race you want. But if you want to upgrade your car to the max, you need a truck load of Cash. Hours of Hours racing still won’t be enough to do it. The annoying way to get some Cash is by buying ot with REAL money you have through the In-Game store.

If you are rich enough you can buy it, or maybe if you want the best way is that by using our Carx Drift Racing Cheats and then you can get loads of Cash for free. Use our cheat tools now and you can have enough Cash to buy every car in the game and upgrade each car to the max!