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About Fallout Shelter Game

This game was first released for iOS platform on June 14, 2015, and August 13, 2015, for Android platform. Fallout Shelter also released for Microsoft Windows platform on July 14, 2016. When this game arrived, critics are mostly positive because they are happy playing a game that is a spin-off of the famous Fallout game.

This game is a simulation game where you have to overwatch your Vault to make human civilization prosper again underground the devastated earth. If you already play one of the series if Fallout game, you will familiar with the theme of this game.

What makes it different

There are many simulation genre games out there and Fallout Shelter is just like one of those games. The things that make this game different is that the core gameplay and the visual style using 2D graphics. The core gameplay is unique because you have to take care of your Vault in very detail aspects like you need to watch the needs of waters, food, and even you need to make your inhabitants happy inside the Vault.


If you haven no idea what is Fallout Shelter and never play any Fallout series don’t worry because when you begin this game, you will learn the game in the tutorial. In the tutorial, you will learn the basics of this game like setting your Vault name, expanding the room, provide energy, water, food, and security. Be sure to keep in mind that you will often get invaded by Raiders, the scumbag in this game. They will attack your Vault and get inside it to kill and steal everything you have. That is why you need to prepare a security system to hold them off.

You can give each inhabitants weapons if you have one so they can stand a chance when Raiders invade the Vault. To get weapons either you can get it from the Lunch Box Packages. Or you can send one of your inhabitants out to the surfaces to scavenge some weapons and armors. Be sure to give your inhabitants enough Steampak if you send them out to the surface so they can survive longer to search for supplies.

Your Vault can also be attacked by rad roach a kind of cockroach but bigger because of nuclear radiations. And you can even be attacked by Deathclaw, terrifying monsters that look like a lizard with the razor-sharp claw for their weapons. When you get attacked by Deathclaw all you can do is pray that your inhabitants can kill it with their guns.

In-App-Purchases vs Fallout Shelter Hack

When this game released, critics praise it because of the core gameplay and the unique graphics. But Common criticisms included the game’s lack of depth, its use of unnecessary microtransactions. This game use Nukacola Quantum/Bottle Caps to purchase additional items to the game like Mr.Handy, a helpful robot that can assists you in the Vault.

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