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About Racing Rivals game

This awesome game was released around the year of 2015 from the developer GLU for both Android and iOS. This game receives good critics from players around the globe. With the rating 3.9 out of 5, this game deserves a trophy. This game also has a beautiful graphics for a mobile game. The developer of this game, GLU has been known for the graphics of the game which is beautiful as the dev Gameloft.

Racing Rivals is just one of their game with lots of features so you can have fun in it. This game is a free to play game, so that means you don’t have to pay to download it. With many people play download this game, you must try this on your smartphone. It is worth a try!

What makes it different

Although this game is a racing game genre, but the main gameplay is about drag racing. As we all know that today there are lots of drag racing games on the play store or app store. But every drag racing game has its own special features that makes it different with others.

This game has lots of special features like, real-time racing with your opponents online. High stakes betting lets you bet your cash or even your Gems And there are many more features that we will not spoil it in this review because we want you to experience it yourself!


As you expect from a drag racing game, the gameplay is almost similar with other. But for those who are new to this kind of drag racing game, Racing Rivals will give you tutorial first when you begin your first play. You will be taught to familiarize yourself in the game’s mechanic and features, and how to interact with them and how to win your racing. Searching for tips and tricks is the key if you want to be a pro in this game. Don’t be too lazy to search for tips around the internet, because it might can make you a pro drag racer in this game.

After you finish your tutorial stage, you can have your first car for free and some Cash and Gems for starters to upgrade your car. If you feel that your car is getting slower than your opponent, you must considered upgrading the engine of your car. And if you still overwhelmed by your opponent, consider to buy a better car for your race. You can buy at the game store with Cash or Gems that you have on the inventory.

Besides the single player mode, you can compete with other players around the world online real-time! You can even putting a bet before every race to crank up the risk. Like they said that with bigger risk comes big rewards. But be sure to keep in mind that if you cranking up the risk, prepare to lose some Cash and Gems you have, or even lose your car for good!
That is why you need to hone your skill and be a pro in this game

In-App-Purchases vs Racing Rivals Cheats

We said that before, in this game there are currencies system called Cash and Gems. You can get those items either by doing some race or you can buy it with your real money and get it straightforward. That is the easiest way to get Cash and Gems if you are rich enough. But if you don’t want to pay a single dollar, you can use our Racing Rivals Hack and get as many Cash and Gems as you want to upgrade or buy new cars.

Our hack tool is free to use for everyone without exception. And the best thing about our tool, it is free from any viruses or malware that can damage your smartphone.