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This game is a phenomenal game where millions of people download and play it. Subway Surfers is so popular because the game objective is simple, you just run away from the security guard who wants to arrest you for vandalism. Avoiding the trains is a thrilling experience if you are an adrenaline junkie. But the reason why people addicted to playing this game is that they all want to set the highest record in the world. When you are about setting the highest record, you need to dress up your characters like true record breaker.

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About Subway Surfers Game

This game was released on 24th of May 2012 for many platforms like
iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8, and Kindle. This game is a free-to-play game with the game core style is endless-running. This game has no ends means you can keep running and running forever of you successfully avoid all the barricades and trains.

When this game released it receives a good review from players. On Google Play Store, this game achieves 4.4 out of 5 stars and that means players are praising this endless game. The reason for the popularity of this game is the simplicity of the gameplay. Because in this game all you have to do is running away from a security guard and try to avoid incoming trains. The simpler the game, the more people will be addicted to this game.

What makes it different

You have probably know that there are much endless running games on Play Store nowadays. But before all of them, the pioneers of this kind of genre are Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride. Those two games are the pioneers in an endless running genre and then Subway Surfers comes. With lots of fun features like you can use a flying skateboard to run away from the guard who tries to catch you. Or you can fly for temporary with a rainbow jetpack. And another unique feature is that you can jump higher than usual if you use magic jumper shoes.


Well, even though that this game is very simple, but still you need a tutorial when you first play this game. The tutorial will teach you everything about this game like how to perfectly-timed your jump to avoid getting arrested and teach you about all the power-ups in this game. The objective in this game is simple, you need to keep running away from the security guard and his dog who wants to arrests you for tagging a Metro railway site.

As you keep running away from him, you can often get some power ups. There are lots of power-ups in this game like a jetpack, coin magnet, jumper shoes, and flying skateboard. You can use the power ups but only for a temporary because it has a countdown and when times running out you will running by your feet again. You may think when you running away in a jetpack or the flying skateboard will outrun the guard right? Wrong, if you make one mistake he will straight behind you and ready to arrest you if you make one more mistake.

When you hit obstacles twice in a row your escapes will fail and the security guard and his dog will catch you, arrest you and your score is stopped. You can choose to continue your running if you use Keys. Keys can be used for having another chance to continue your running and continue your high score. The point of this game is setting the highest score possible. And the highest score ever recorded is 2,000,001,660 done by someone around the world.

In-App-Purchases vs Subway Surfers Cheats

This game can be played flawlessly even without paying for the Coins. Because you can get Coins along your playing time. But for someone who wants to make his characters stands out in the crowd, appearance is everything. There are lots of characters and costumes that you can buy and use in this game. Your free primary character is Jack, but there are others in the shop.

You can also customize Jack’s appearance like the shirt he wears or chooses the flying skateboard you want. Each with their own specialty. You can buy all those cosmetics items with Coins, but you are going to need LOTS of Coins to have them all. Now if you want a truckload of Subway Surfers free Coins, you can use our cheat tool for free.

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