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How to get Vainglory free Ice?

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About Vainglory Game

If you ever dreamed of playing something like DOTA on your mobile gadget, this is the game for you. Vainglory was initially released for iOS on 16th of November 2014 and then released for Android on 2nd of July 2015. This game was released as a Free-To-Play kind of games, that means you can download and play it for free.

When this game was released, critics praise it because of its gameplay and graphics. Many players have waited for this kind of game for many years. Think about MOBA games played on mobile gadgets, an instant phenomenal to the mobile gaming world. With lots of characters in the game and special skill for each character, Vainglory is worth a try for you who wants to feels DOTA on mobile!

What makes it different

When the game released, it also follows with other similar game that offers MOBA experience to the mobile. The big names are included Call of Champion, League of Masters, Ace of Arenas, and Heroes of Soulcraft. All of them are the same MOBA genre but they all are different in their own features. Vainglory also has its own great feature that makes it different with others. What makes this game great is that the amount of characters that you can use is so many. The skill system in this game is also great and the farming mechanics feels like playing DOTA on a mobile device.


If decide to try this game out, we recommend you to take the tutorial stage first because it can be confusing for first time player who plays this game. You may need to take a long time in the tutorial stage to fully hold the grip in this game. In the tutorial, they will teach you everything about playing the game. First, they will tell you the basic things like moving characters, attacking, and cast a spell. Then the game teaches you how to do farming by killing the small creeps. Once you have enough resources you can buy items that can crank up your stats. After you gear up yourself you are ready to take down your opponents.

The objective in this game is that you must destroy your opponent’s main base building. The destroying main base building won’t be easy because each side in this game has their own defensive tower that can fire at your character. That is why you need to destroy it first then you can destroy the main building. In this game, there is a huge monster that can help you easily destroy your enemy’s base. The monsters usually appear in the middle game, but you need to make the monster submit by hit it until the monsters taken down. You need to submit the monsters before the enemy did it because the monsters will help the faction that submits it down.

What we tell you here is just the glimpse of the fun in Vainglory, if you want to feel the full, thrilling experience, download and play the game yourself and live to tell the experience you had.

In-App-Purchases vs Vainglory Cheats

We already said that there are lots of characters that you can use in this game, but only a few that you can use. You can use only a few character because the rest is locked and if you want to unlock it you need to have lots of Ice. Ice is the currency system in this game which used to buy costumes and characters.

Ice is hard to come by, you will rarely get it when you play the game. If you want to get some Ice you can purchase it with real money you have. You can purchase it in the game store. But today we have a great way to get some Ice for free, by using our Vainglory Hack. If you use our hack tool, you can get as many Ice as you want to buy all the costumes and characters you want. Our tool is free to use and free from and kinds of virus and malware that can harm your device.