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Critical Ops is a great game to play, although with decent graphics unlike any other AAA title in the mobile game this game is worth a try. Think about playing Counter Strike but in your mobile gadgets, the fun is unlimited. The great thing about this game is a number of weapons you can use. This game has a tremendous variety of guns. From pistols to heavy machine gun. Not every gun is ready to use, you need to purchase them with Credits in this game. You can get Credits by buying it from the in-game store with your real money.

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About Critical Ops game

This game was released around 2015 for Android and iOS platform. This game is the kind of Free-to-Play game. You can download and play it for free. When this game first comes out, some people are little hesitating about the game because the graphics are not so good. But with lots of updates here and there, the game now is on the great optimization.

The graphics have been improved a lot since the first game launched. Besides the graphical updates, so the gameplay. There are lots of gameplay mode here. And the guns, you will be surprised about the variety of guns in this game that you can use. This game is just as perfect as any other AAA mobile FPS game. This game is worth a try.

What makes it different

There are many free FPS games out there in the mobile gaming world. And Critical Ops is just one of the many games. But this game has its own special features like the single player mode. You probably imagine a single player campaign mode, no you only can play single player in versus bot mode. The special thing about this game is that you can play online with other players around the world. You can even create your own room or join others.


If you are a new player to this game, you should play the versus bot mode on easy difficulty. Why we recommend you play on easy difficulty? Because you need to learn about the game mechanics first then you can play online against other players around the world. If you play it and go straight to the online play, you will have a bad time as a noob.

Once fully have the grip in this game then you can proceed to the online play. Be prepare to die several time if you new to the multiplayer game mode. Choose the public server with other newbies to the game so you can learn to get good in this game.

Shoot your enemy. In your very own style, with lots of guns in this game. Choose whether you want to be the terrorists who create destruction to everything, or be the heroic counter-terrorist who will do anything to stop the terrorists from winning the war.

In-App-Purchases vs Critical Ops Cheats

This game is a great game to try. The free FPS game with lots of weapons to shoot other players. But the annoying facts of this game is that you need Credits to have all the weapons you want. You need to buy it in the game store.

Credits are hard to come by, you need to grind in every time you play. The way you can get Credits is by buying it with real money you have. That is the way when you have lots of money. If you don’t have money, we have the great way to get Credits for free. Use our Critical Ops Hack and you can get as many Credits as you want for free.

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