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About Swamp Attack game

This game was released around 2015 by the developer Outfit7 for Android and iOS platform. This game released as free-to-play kind of games. When this game was released critics quite good because of the simplicity and the fun aspects in the game. Swamp Attack is a simple game where you must shoot all the monsters who coming from the swamp behind your house.

Kill all the monsters with tons of guns. Defeat waves after waves of monsters who aim to get into your house to snatch all your belongings. As a free game, Swamp Attack is worth a try, with the fun shoot em’ up gameplay, you can have fun for hours in this game.

What makes it different

There are lots of simple casual game in the Play Store, but this game is just fun as hell. You can keep shooting the monsters with tons of guns and you can use all the power ups available. The power-ups can give you huge advantages when you are packed with monsters. This game has lots of features that guarantee you some addiction by playing this game.


When first start the game, you will be introduced with what’s the game about. You will learn how to defeat all the monsters waves after waves. You will also learn how to use the power-ups and when to use it perfectly, so all monsters are killed by the effects.

Once you know all the gameplay mechanics, the rest is up to you whether you want to play it on easy difficulty or hard difficulty. As you progress through the stage, all the monsters also getting more and more variety than ever before. You will face lots of different monsters in one wave where it needed a special gun in order the monsters can be killed.

Although the fun aspects are quite hilarious, but this game lack of content. You will only do same repetitive game very time you play. But hey, at least you can shoot all the monsters until you have some fun. Worth a try to kill your time when you are bored with other games.

In-App-Purchases vs Swamp Attack Cheats

We already said that you can shoot all the monsters with a variety of guns. But you can’t use all of them, at least until you buy it with Coins. Coins are the currency system in this game which is used to buy things in the game like guns or upgrade your guns so it becomes more powerful than ever.

You can get Coins by playing every stage but you will only have little Coins to buy or upgrades your gear. There is easy way to get Coins but it cost you real money you have. Buy Coins in the game store with real money you have and get it instantly. But today we have the greatest way to get Coins, and this time you won’t have to spend a single dollar. Use our Swamp Attack Hack and get all the Coins you want to buy or upgrades guns in this game.

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