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About Kill Shot Bravo game

Kill Shot Bravo was released around the year of 2014 for Android and iOS platform. This game is a free game so that means you can download and play it for free. As you probably guess from the title of this game which there is a word shot, this means it is a shooting game. It is an FPS game where you play as a soldier/sniper who is sent around the globe to eliminate dangerous people who are about to destroy the world.

When this game released, many people are skeptical about this game because it looks so mediocre. But as the developer Hothead Games keep this game updated, people are beginning to give thumbs up. The game gets better and better in every update. From the graphical issue to adding more variety of game modes. All in all, Kill Shot Bravo is worth a try to kill your time.

What makes this game different

There probably hundreds of FPS game like this out there, but Kill Shot Bravo has its own uniqueness, better than other games. In this game you don’t need to move your character, you simply just aim the guns at the enemies and shoot. Other than that, the uniqueness of this game is that you can forge alliance and wage war with other alliance. That what makes this game totally different with others.


When you first playing this game, you will be directed to the tutorial guide. At this stage, you can learn everything about the game. First, you will learn every aspect in the game, the interface, and how to interact with them and then you will learn how to kill your enemy.

There are over 500 missions that you can do in this game. When you finished all the mission within the certain area, there will be a boss fight. Be prepare when you are about to do a boss fight. They can become so powerful that it will only take a few shot to kill you instantly. Prepare your weapons and gears because the right equipment might save your life at each stage.

There are tons of guns in this game like an assault rifle, sniper rifle, machine gun, and shotgun. Shoot all your enemies in the face with all those cool guns. With pretty good graphics, this game deserves good critics from mobile gamer fans. A must-have game on your phone. A good time killer for playing this game.

In-App-Purchases vs Kill Shot Bravo Cheats

The variety of guns in this game is so vast. You can choose whatever guns you like. But the problem is that not all the guns you can use to do your missions. They all are locked and you need Gold or Bucks to unlock it. Unlock it means you need to buy those guns with Gold and Bucks and those currencies system is not coming cheap.

This game is a free to play but every F2P games must have annoying currency system. And that is what happening in this game. You can get Gold and Bucks instantly by buying it with real money through the in-game store. But you are going to spend lots of money you have until you have enough resources to buy all the guns. But we have the best way to get those things. We can give you Kill Shot Bravo Hack so you can generate Gold and Bucks for free to your game account.

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