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About Iron Force game

This awesome game was released around 2014 for both Android and iOS. And critics praise it because the gameplay of this game is so awesome. If you know the game War Thunder then you probably will like this game. It has a similar gameplay but Iron Force only lets you battle in Tanks. This game is a free game so it is worth try to spend your time.

From this game, you can learn more about tanks that serve in the second world war. From American tanks, to German tanks. All of them have their own strength and weakness. This game is so awesome and almost ten million players download and play it. And what best is that you can play online against every player around the world. Download this game, hone your skills and become the champion of a tank battle.

What makes this game different

There are lots of tank battle game on the Play Store. But there are only a few good tank battle games. And Iron Force is quite good, with ratings 4.3 out of 5, this game proof to be one of the best tank battle game. What makes this game different is that the variety of tanks and you can play online to destroy every other player’s tank around the world.

Gameplay of Iron Force

When you are about to play for the first time, you can learn about the game from the tutorial. The tutorial stage will show you everything you need to now. The stage will show you how to move your tank and how to interact with the game features. After you get all the grip of that, you will learn how to destroy all your enemy’s tank. But we recommend you play the single player against bot before you play online.

Only after you know everything about how to destroy bot tank then you can play online and feel the thrill. There are two modes in online play, one is team-based skirmish and the other one is free-for-all mode where the chaos and destruction exist. To gain victory in the game, you need to prepare your tank as best as possible. Because the right tank is the key to victory.

There is a deep upgrade system allows you to tweak firepower, speed, accuracy and more, as well as stat-boosting patterns and decals for an each tank in the game so you can get an advance from your enemy. When your tank fully upgrades, all that is left as the key to victory is your playing skill. Hone your skill at each game you play and you can become the tank champion in this game.

In-App-Purchases vs Iron Force Cheats

You must already know that every freemium game is going to have an annoying currency system. And Iron Force is one of them. This game has lots of currencies like Diamonds, Elite Points, and Funds. All of them are very important to the game, as you are going to need it to upgrade your tanks or purchase new ones.

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