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About Jetpack Joyride Game

This game originally was released for iOS on September 1, 2011. Then this game was ported to Android platform on September 28, 2012. This game is a free-to-play game with side-scrolling gameplay. This game received good critics among players around the world.

With the rating 4.4 our of 5, sure many players are satisfied and addicted in this game. With the endless running style, the focus of this game is about who is setting the highest score in the world. The highest score for this game is around 1.171.723m by unknown players. If you play this game, can you beat the record? If you do, please do tell us.

What makes this game different?

Nowadays, a free-to-play game is scattered around the play store, but this game stands out on its own. The common freemium endless running game is a 3D game, but this game is a 2D side-scrolling. Feel free to run until the end of time as long as you can endure. This game is free so, it is very worth try to kill your time while boring.


When you first play this game, it will show you the tutorial about how you move your character. And how to dodge the incoming lasers, missiles or any kinds of obstacles. After you learn all of that, the rest is yours to do. Keep running for your life across the secret government lab who are experimenting on a jetpack. If you hit any obstacles, you will die instantly and you will restart your run from the 0m. But if you do have Hearts, you can continue one more time from the place you died.

This game has the exciting gameplay and lots of things can be customized. You can customize your character, Barry. You can dress up Barry with lots of costumes, from Santa Claus costume to funny zombie costume. Besides the costumes, you can also customize the jetpack. There are lots of jetpacks available in this game, and it will keep added more and more by the dev in the updates. In this game, there are also power-ups items with the functions to ease your running. There is an item called Heart which functions to continue your running when you die, and vehicles to fasten your running.

There are many other power-ups in this game that we can’t tell each of It. We will not spoil all the fun of this game. We just going to let you play the game and know it by yourself. All in all, Jetpack Joyride is a game worth playing for a long time.

In-App-Purchases vs Jetpack Joyride Cheats

We already told you that in this game you will need lots of Coins. Coins are used to customize your character and every aspect in the game. You can get Coins for free by each playtime you do in the game. But if you think it is still not enough to buy everything in the game. If you are rich enough, you can buy Coins with your real money through the microtransaction. And trust it will cost lots of money until you have enough Coins to buy every content in the game.

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