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This game is all about collecting and guarding your items while playing and chatting with real people from all around the world in real time. This game is a phenomenal game, we don’t know why but there are tons of players active each day. The reason for the popularity could be because of the unique gameplay, where you just collecting tons of items and guarding it against other players who try to take it away from you. The player of this game is mostly a child to teenager. There are many things to do in the game such as building structures, plant seeds, and many other mini-games inside. This game uses Gems as the currency to buy everything in the game store. Even getting Gems is quite easy, but if you can hack it, why not right? If you want, use our Growtopia Cheats, use it for free and get free Gems to your account.

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Growtopia Hack Features

  1. 256 SSL-Encryption
  2. COMODO Firewall
  3. Lite Speed Technology System
  4. Advanced Virus detection system
  5. MariaDB
  6. Oval Security System
  7. Spam Assassin
  8. Cheat Engine MOD V3.14
  9. Axis Layer 276- Decrypted

How to use Growtopia Gems generator

  • Click on the big blue button below
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  • Fill the Email address or your username in the game
  • Choose how many Gems amount do you need
  • Please wait while our hack tool is connecting to the game server
  • Press “ok” when pop-up shows
  • Click on human verification
  • And just wait until the Gems is transferred to your game account


About Growtopia Game

Growtopia is a free 2D game that focuses on collecting items and interact with players around the world. This game was released on January 11th, 2013 for platforms like Android, iOS, Windows (beta), and Mac OS (beta). Although this game has weird graphics but this game received good critics among the players. This game receives 4.1 out of 5 on Google Play Store.

What makes this game so popular is the gameplay itself. The gameplay is quite simple yet very exciting if you play it with other players around the world. Even a low-end device can still handle this game pretty well because the graphics are not so demanding like any other game right now. The only problem you need to keep in mind is just the connection problem. This game requires a good and stable internet connection from your device. Because you will always stay connected with other people either to chat or rob other people in the game.

All in all this game is worth try for you who seek a funny online game for free. With lots of features, that will make you enjoy playing it for hours. Make friends in this game because they can help you to protect your items together. This game is truly the best social game ever hit on the mobile platform.

What makes this game different

There is some game who look same like Growtopia out there in the Google Play Store. But this game still the number one in everyone’s heart. Because this game can offer you tons of fun activity with your online friends. Collect items and chat with your buddies online real time and do some crazy stuff together are ever gamer’s dream. So yes, Growtopia is the best free online 2D game, worth to play.


Well, if you don’t know how to play Growtopia for the first time, you can search on YouTube for the tutorial of this game. You will learn everything in this game. Learn how to move your character, learn what is Growtopia and so on.

When you already fully understand about all the mechanism in Growtopia, then play with someone who already experts in the game so they can help you get good in this game. This game doesn’t have a single player mission like any other game. In Growtopia you just explore the world with your friends, or you can build your own world to be lived in.

Next, all you can do is doing much fun activities with your friends. There are tons of mini-games available in this game. And you can customize your character with every available costume. Collect all the stuff that this game has to offer, all the rare things and try to sell them with a high price so you got some huge income. You can buy anything in this game with Gems. Gems are the king of the currency in Growtopia. Everyone needs Gems to customize their character so it can stand out from the rest of the players.

In-App-Purchases vs Growtopia Cheats

The game itself said that the currency is easy to get, but it may take you some time to get lots of Gems. Of you don’t want to wait for a long time, you can buy it with real money you have through the microtransactions. Or you can choose other option.

You can use our Growtopia Hack and get all those Gems for free in no time. Our hack tool is the best tool if you want Gems in an instant way. We never charge you a dime for using our tool. We give it to you for free as our dedication in the gaming world. What we want from you is that you share this information with your Growtopia friends who might be needing this hack tool to get Gems for free.