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About Crossy Road Game

This crazy, highly addictive game was released on 20th of November 2014 for both Android, iOS, and Windows Phones platform. The developer of this game is Hipster Whales. This game came to realization from the joke “why did the chicken cross the road?”. This game is and endless jumping arcade game.

Crossy Road is a free game where you can download and play it for free without any paid subscription. Since its release, this game received good criticism from players around the world. This game got 4.5 out of 5 from iTunes and the same ratings on Google Play Store. Of course this game will have good ratings, because the game is simple yet addictive.

What makes this game different

Crossy Road probably the first game of its kind. Because before this game, there were not any other with this kind of gameplay. Just after this game was released, there are other similar game created. But those other games look like stealing the gameplay mechanics of Crossy Road. But still, players are playing Crossy Road because it has lots of unique characters and smooth gameplay.


When you are about to play this game for the first time, you will play as a chicken. Then the game will tell you how to move your character and try to avoid any incoming vehicles while you doing that. The tutorial in this game is so simple because the game itself is simple. Your focus is just to cross every road as far as you can.

You might be thinking that this is an easy game to play, but when you try this game by yourself it will blow your mind. When you play this game for the first time, you will die frequently, crashed by incoming cars and trucks. You need to keep crossing the roads, because of not, an eagle will storm at you and grab you to its nest to try eating you. Cross the road as far as you can go to create your highest score record and brag it with your friends. The highest score ever recorded is 2000+. Can you beat the record? Do tell us okay.

The characters you used for the first time is a chicken. You don’t need to worry, there are tons of characters in this game. Each character has their own uniqueness. Some of the characters like zombie, duck, dog, even you can play as Gandalf the grey in this game. All of those characters can be used but you need to unlock it first with Coins.

In-App-Purchases vs Crossy Road Hack

You already know Crossy Road is a free game but some additional content can be bought in the in-app-purchase store. This game uses Coins for the currency to buy all the characters. You can easily get Coins in each time you play, but since this game has lots of character, you will also need lots of Coins. Either you can buy it with real money you have or will you choose the easy way.

The easy way is that you use our Crossy Road Coins Generator. Our generator tool is free to use by anyone. And it is real and on working condition so you don’t need to worry. We won’t charge you a single dime if you use our tool. Just don’t forget to share this information with your other friends who might be needing the Coins to buy characters.