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About Jungle Heat game

This game is an RTS genre. RTS is an abbreviation of Real Time Strategy. This genre is very emphasized in the gameplay mechanics. Jungle Heat is a free game which crated around 2014 for both Android and iOS platform. With this game is free to play, many players try to play it and got addicted. Critics really praised it for the fun and colorful visuals.

Feel the intense of war in the middle of a jungle. Protect your base by creating a perfect defensive position. You can even play against another player around the world. Attack their base and level it to the ground so they know that your army is indestructible and need to be feared. All in all, this game is a pack-a-punch game to try, worth it!

What makes this game different

When you see Jungle Heat, you probably recognize it similar with the game Clash of Clans. Yup, it is still in the same RTS genre. But this game has its own uniqueness that stands out from any other games. While CoC is a barbarian and magic wizards battle, Jungle Heat is a gun fighting war theme. With unique heroes and each of them has specialized skill, making this game is totally a new fun game to play. And the beat thing about this game is that you can attack other player base and get their loot.


In every RTS genre games, you will enter a tutorial mode in the first time you play. You will learn every aspect of the game and learn how to interact with the features so you can crush your enemy once and for all! The tutorial mode is very important for newcomers to this game, as it will teach them the important basic knowledge to master this game.

When you finished the tutorial, prepare your base with a perfect defensive position. A good defensive position is the key to surviving your enemy’s attack. Without a good defense, your base will surely be destroyed to the ground before you even know it. You may lose the first time you are attacked, but you can choose to revenge yourself. Plan your revenge on the enemy’s base with cold precision. A good strategies plan is the key to achieving victory from your enemy. Grab all their loot as your treasure and leave them nothing but just a pile of ashes.

There are many units you can use to attack other players in this game. From a small trooper to the large robot with large guns. Colorful graphics will make you enjoy playing this game even for hours. But be sure to keep in mind that your eyes need some rest too. This is recommended for you who looking a game like CoC but with war themed battle.

In-App-Purchase vs Jungle Heat Hack

There are many things to do in this game like build all the structures for the sake of your oppression and build all the strong unit to help you conquer other players.
With so many things to do, you will have a slow progression to reach the max level.

There is a thing that can fasten everything up and buy anything in the Jungle Heat shop. And that thing is Diamonds. Diamonds are the vital thing think in this game, as it is used to buy almost everything in the game without waiting for a long time. You can get Diamonds by buying it with real money you have, through the microtransactions. Without Diamonds, you will have a hard time progressing in this game.

But now, things have changed since we build this Jungle Heat Hack for you. Use our tool to generate free Diamonds as many as you want. With truckloads of Diamonds, you can fasten everything up and progress faster than anyone in the game.