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About Nitro Nation game

Nitro Nation was released as a free game for Android and iOS platform. The developer of this game did a heck of a job. With great graphics and addicting gameplay, make this game received great ratings on Google Play Store. With the ratings around 4.4 out of 5, this game surely is the most favorite of the game in a smartphone.

Nitro Nation is a drag racing game, so you only have to change the transmission in a perfect time. The game can be played by the single player campaign or you can go ahead race against other players. In online play, you will play against another player from around the world. When you play online mode, you will race with a player that has the same level as you, so the racing will be equal to each other. There are plenty of cars in Nitro Nation, from the lower tier to the high-end tier.

What makes Nitro Nation Different

Well, you probably already know that there are tons of drag racing game in the Play Store. And all of them have the same typical from each other. But Nitro Nation has its own difference. In this game you not only racing, you can also deep customize your vehicle. Upgrade them to the max so you can smoke every car at your back.


Like every other drag racing game, this game also starts with a tutorial guide where you learn how to change the transmission in a perfect time and how to win the race. Then you will learn the customizing tutorial, where it will teach you how to upgrade your car and so on.

The after the tutorial, you will be unleashed in the world of drag racing. Compete in a single player story with bosses to race with or you can head online looking to smoke other players around the world. Prove that you are the greatest drag racer in the world by defeating other people from around the globe.

There are plenty of cars in this game. You can buy a new car or you just upgrade your first car to the max. But of your car already maxed, but still losing the racing, that is the time where you need to buy a new car.

In-App-Purchases vs Nitro Nation Hack

We said that there are tons of cars in this game. Each from a highly respected manufacturer like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi and much more. All of the can be unlocked, but they all are expensive. You need lots of Gold to have them all in your inventory. Gold can be achieved by winning races or leveling up. But still, all of the struggles will not be enough to buy those expensive cars.

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