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About Castle Clash Game

This game was created around 2014 for Android and iOS platform as a free game. That means this game can be downloaded and played for free. When this game was first released, many people are crazy about it. They play hours of their time on this game. The gameplay is simple yet amazingly fun.

Build your base with impenetrable defenses and create your powerful combat troops consist of a variety of units. Learn all the skill that might save your life in the heat of a battle. Destroy enemy’s base with the troop that you already gather. Pillage all your enemy’s building for their Gold and other precious material you can use to upgrade your base.

What makes Castle Clash different?

Surely there are lots of game like this one on the Google Play Store, like Clash of Clans where it has same gameplay that builds, gathers and attacks your enemy’s base. But the thing that makes Castle Clash different is that the heroes in this game can do some amazing spell. The spell can be the right option to save your ass in the middle of a base raid. So that is the key different between life or death in Castle Clash. Prepare everything before you raid other player bases.


Same as CoC, Castle Clash has a tutorial mode when you play this game for the first time. It will guide you how to interact with the game, the features of the game and how to do some raid to another castle.

Don’t worry, this game is easy to understand in a day. But to master it, it will take months probably. Join another clan to help you in your progress. Share strategies, tips, and tricks for the game and get more powerful to destroy your enemies.

Build an impenetrable wall of your base so the enemy can’t go through your wall and ransack your town. Or if you do get ransacked by another player, revenge yourself with double retaliation force. All of the awesomeness of the game is available in Castle Clash, download for free now.

In-App-Purchases vs Castle Clash Hack

Just like any RTS game, Castle Clash is using Gems as the main currency system. You will need lots of Gems in this game to fasten everything up. From fastening the building process and fastening the troops training. Never a second you will think Gems are not important. That is why this Castle Clash Hack is the best tool for you.

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