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About Last Empire War Z game

This game was released for Android and iOS around the year of 2013. Last Empire War Z is a free game so you can download and play it for free, although some of the additional content can be purchased with money. This game is an RTS game, so that means it is all about building your bases and create an alliance with your friends.

This game is an old game but many players are still playing it for hours. There are so many people playing it because this game has an addicting gameplay. And decent graphics. Create you devastating units to destroy all the walkers that roaming in your city street.

What makes this game different

There are many RTS genre game for mobile out there and each of them all has their own unique differences. Last Empire War Z probably look similar to any other RTS game. But the difference of this game is the theme. This game uses zombies or called walkers as the theme of the game. And that you can create alliances with your friends.


When you first play this game, you will learn all the things you need to know though the tutorial. Learn everything from building structures, research something and attack the walkers. Collect resources to keep your empire grind its gear. Get lots of resources from defeating every walker around or mine them for yourself. Join other players around the globe to stop the walkers from making the human extinct.

Game features

1). Free-to-play social strategy game
2). View battles on the world map in real time, and chat and team with alliance members around the globe
3). Battle zombies and other survivors to expand your city. Choose a survival strategy that fits your play style
4). Zombie Troops: Train deadly Zombie Troops to destroy your enemies. They are extremely powerful for attacking or defending cities.
5). Recruit Officers – hero characters – with unique skills and abilities.
6). Variety of Skill Trees that allow players to develop heroes to fit their gameplay styles.

In-App-Purchases vs Last Empire War Z Hack

Like many people said that Diamonds are everything and so in this game. You will need loads of Diamonds to raise your empire to the top and survive from the walkers invasion. Diamonds can be achieved through the game for free, but it won’t be enough to cover all your needs.

Other way to get Diamonds is by buying it through the micro transaction in the in-game store. Buy the the Diamonds with real money you have. That is the easy way to get Diamonds, if you are rich enough. But for some other players, who don’t want to spare a single dime in the game, there is an easier way to get Diamonds.

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