In this beautiful morning, I want to share you an amazing game that I love the most on my mobile phone. Yeah, it’s about Bomber Friends. Some of you must never hear this game before, Just calm down. Why? Because I will give you Bomber Friends review. What do you need to know about this one? Just keep reading my article to find more information regarding this matter.

Bomber Friends VS Bomberman

Before we going to the review section, I want to tell you the similarities between this game. So, do you think the developer of the Bomber Friends deliberate to make this one same like Bomberman series like on the PlayStation? Before that, you must see the picture below to know more about it.

bomber friends gameplay

  • Bomber Friends Gameplay, the interface similar like Bomberman¬†

bomberman gameplay

  • Bomberman, the classic game that captive everyone heart. Even though the graphics really classic the gameplay it’s pretty enjoyable.¬†

As you can see from the graphics above, I can conclude the game pretty similar between both of them. But, Bomberman is more interesting because you has more power up item. So, you can beat all your opponents within a second. But, I still choose the Bomber Friends because the interface is more details, you can see the interface of Bomber Friends above.

Bomber Friends Review

Now, this is the time that everyone already waiting for. So, what the fun thing about this game? I say you can do a lot of thing in this game. You can battle against the NPC or the players all around the world and you need to become the last member of the field, in order to win the stage. This is the time to show off all your best strategy in this game to avoid all the bomb. You can also use the power up item that scatters around the stage. If you like a strategy game, you will like this game quite much.

The Pros

  • High-quality graphics that make the impact of the bomb more powerful and beautiful.
  • Battle against another player around the world.
  • Great Menu Interface. It will be very easy to navigate all the menu without finding any problem.
  • Customize Your Own Characters.

The Cons

  • The ideas of the game not really unique.
  • The gameplay kinds repetitive.
  • Not many Power Up Item that you can find.

Obstacles In Bomber Friends Game

I know the game is quite fun to play. But, every game has an obstacle that everyone needs to get through. Yeah, especially about coins, which is the currency of the game. I also find some difficulties in this game. And I almost give up on playing this game. But, I found a glimpse of light that gives me Bomber Friends free coins. I’m really grateful with my finding. Just click Bomber Friends hack to get what your wishes for.

What do you think about the Bomber Friends review? Is it helpful for all of you? Do you want to try this game? Just download it on your PlayStore guys. I think is enough for today. Leave your comment below if you have any suggestions regarding this article.