Fishing Diary is a fishing game which available in Play Store and iOS. This game is quite exciting for me and for that reason I would like to tell you how to get more coins in Fishing Diary. As we know, we need this thing to launch a shot from the cannon in order to catch the fishes. Without enough coins, we cannot catch any fish and we won’t get any coins also. So, if you have a trouble in collecting this thing, just read my article for today. Let’s fishing.


How To Get More Coins In Fishing Diary

Actually, there are so many ways to get this thing, guys. So, if you want to get it, just check out some Fishing Diary tips and tricks below.

Choose The Right Cannon

In this game, the cannon is used to catch the fishes. Actually, there are seven cannons available at the first time you play this game start from number 1 until 7. These numbers show how much coins do you need to launch it. For example, cannon with number 1 on it will cost you one coin for each shot and so on. And these numbers also affecting the number of coins that you will get for each fish that you have caught. If the number is 1, you will get one coin for each fish and so on. So, if you have a lot of coins, you can use the cannon with a bigger number to get more coins.


Upgrade Your Coin Regeneration Limit

This one is also important. You can get some coins automatically if you are running out of it. Your coins will regenerate each ten seconds and it will keep regenerating until your regeneration coin limit is full. So, don’t forget to upgrade the number of regenerate coins that you can get in order to get so many coins. Just click the equip menu and then items, you will find it there.

Use The Items

There are some items available in this game. They can help you to collect a lot of coins. The first item is the water bomb. If you use this, you will explode all the fishes which get into the circle and it can also kill the bigger ones like turtle, shark, and stingray which will give you a bigger amount of coins than the small fishes. Then, there is a fishing bait to attract the fishes so you can catch them easier. The last, you can use the electric shock to electrify the fishes so they can go nowhere.

Clear The Task

You can also do some tasks which will give you some coins everytime you have finished the task. Just check out the task menu and see if there is a task which will give you some coins. Usually, the task is easy and I’m sure you can do it.

Buy The Coins

The last Fishing Diary tips, buy the coins from the store. I often used this way to get it faster and easily. Just open the store by clicking the equip menu and then cannon. You will see a word add at the bottom of the menu. Click it and choose the number of coins that you need. Of course, you need to pay with your real money. But, if you want it for free, just click earn free coins button at the store or you can visit Fishing Diary hack. This link can give not only coins but also shells.

What do you think? It is so easy to get lots of coins, right? All you have to do is just follow my tips above and I’m sure you will be rich in no time. So, I think this is the end of how to get more coins in fishing diary. Thank you and see you next time.