Welcome back to this wonderful website. Today’s topic is Subway Surfers tips. So, I will explain how to get so many Coins in this game. I’m sure you already know the importance of this thing, right? But, for you who still don’t understand the use of it, I will explain it a little. The Coin is the main currency in this game and it is used to buy some new characters, items and other things that can help your progress. So, you have to collect a lot of Coins in order to buy all of those things. And now let’s check out some tips below.

Subway Surfers Tips

Keep Running

play regularly

The basic thing that you can do is to play this game regularly. I’m sure you know that you will get Coins during the game. So, if you want to have a lot of it, you need to run as long as you can because the more you run, the more Coins you will get.



My next tips for Subway Surfers is upgrades. In this game, there are some items that can help you to collect a lot of Coins, they are Coin Magnet and Jetpack. You need to upgrade them in order to increase their duration so you can collect more Coins. Just open the Shop, Boosts, and find the Upgrades section.

Daily Challenge


Every day there will be a daily challenge which can be clear once in a day. You have to collect some letter of the given word in order to clear this daily challenge. You can collect them while running and they will appear one by one until the final letter. After you clear it, you will get some Coins for free.

Mystery Box


You can get this thing through runs or buy it from the shop. If you open this box, you can get up to 5000 Coins depends on your luck. Using the mystery box can be the fastest to get lots of Coins.

Get Coins From Your Friends


Now, you can get some Coins from your Facebook friends. Just click the Top Run button, and then Collect. There, you will see the names of your Facebook friends who also play this game. You will get the Coins if your friends have run for 50 times in a day. But, remember you need to connect to your Facebook account first. And then invite as many friends as you can to get more Coins.

Earn Coins

earn coins

There is a feature called Earn Coins that you can find in the shop section. This feature gives you some ways to collect free Coins such as watch video, like, subscribe and install some recommended game.

Go To The Store


If you want to get the Coins in instant and without doing anything, you can buy it from the store section which available in the shop. There, you can buy some Coins as you wish but of course, you have to pay with your real cash to get it. But, I have a way if you want to get it without doing anything but free. Just try this Subway Surfers hack and you will be amazed after you try it.

Okay, that’s all about Subway Surfers tips for today. I hope these tips can help you a lot. And if you need more tips about your favorite game, just visit onhackcheats immediately. Then, thank you for your attention and see you…