Fallout Shelter is the first game from Bethesda. This game is really exciting because we have to survive to live in the wasteland and I’m sure you will stay in front of your smartphone for hours. In this game, we will live in a vault where we need to build some rooms and make some human resource in order to survive. And we need to collect some Bottle Caps to do all of that. But, you don’t have to worry if you don’t know the ways to collect it because I will give you some tips to collect Fallout Shelter Bottle Caps. Now, check this out.

fallout shelter build

How To Get Fallout Shelter Bottle Caps

Take It From The Rooms

This is my first Fallout Shelter tips that you can try. As we know, you need to build some rooms to help you survive such as power plant which will help you to restore the energy for your vault. Each time the rooms have finished producing some resources, you can get some Bottle Caps. So, it is important to build more rooms to get more Bottle Caps.

Rush The Rooms

Are you running out of Bottle Caps? Then, just rush the rooms you have to increase its productivity speed. But, you can earn Bottle Caps if the rush is successful. Yeah, there is still a chance that your rush will be failed. So, it depends on your luck, guys.

Clear The Quests

If you are in a hurry in collecting this thing, you can clear some quests which will earn you some Bottle Caps for each quest that you have cleared. Maybe the number of Bottle Caps that you get is not too much but it is quite effective if you need it so much.

Send Your Dweller To The Wasteland

Do you have a dweller who does nothing? Then, just send them to the wasteland and they will earn you so many Bottle Caps. But, it depends on how long your dweller takes a journey. The longer your dweller go, the more Bottle Caps you will get from them.

Just Sell Some Rooms

If you are in a real crisis, this way will help you a lot. Selling some rooms will give you a number of Bottle Caps although you will just get a half of the number of Bottle Caps that you have spent to buy that room.

What do you think about the tips in getting Fallout Shelter Bottle Caps above? I hope they can help you out. Oh yeah, if you need a faster way to get this thing, I suggest you try Fallout Shelter cheats. You will get unlimited Bottle Caps if you try that way. Okay, that’s all that the tips that I can share today. Thanks for reading and goodbye.