Jetpack Joyride is a great side-scrolling game where we have to run by using a stolen jetpack and avoiding the obstacle along the way. It is quite similar to the phenomenal Flappy Bird actually, but this one is better than that. This game has a better graphic and gameplay if you compare it to Flappy Bird. And today, I will give you Jetpack Joyride game review so you can know more about this amazing running game.


Jetpack Joyride Game Review

The goal of this game is about collecting as many scores as we can to be the best one in the leaderboard. Along the way, we also have to collect the Coins and dodging the obstacles which will stop our journey if you hit it. This game is still good to be played although it uses a 2D graphic. But, the details are quite good for me. And there are some vehicles that you can use during your trip such as Bad As Hog, Crazy Freaking Teleporter, Gravity Suit, Lil Stomper, Mr. Cuddles, Profit Bird, Sleigh Of Awesome, and Wave Rider. Jetpack Joyride also has so many features that will make this game more interesting.

Jetpack Joyride Features


  • A Lot Of Customization

Here, you can change the costume and the jetpack of your character, Barry Streakfries. Just visit the shop and you will find tons of clothing and jetpacks. Dress him up and make him looks cooler than the usual.

  • Achievements

There are some achievements that you can clear during the game. These achievements can show how long you have played it and how pro you are.

  • Leaderboard

This feature allows you to compete with other players by using your best score. The higher your score, the higher of your ranking in the leaderboard.

  • Connect With Facebook, Twitter, and Google Play

There is a feature to connect with the social network like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Play. If we connect the game to one of those social networks, we can compete with our friends. Actually, you need to do this first before you can see the leaderboards.

  • Get Coins

In this game, you can also get Jetpack Joyride Coins from the shop. There are two ways in getting this thing besides collecting it during the game. Yeah, they are watching a video and buy the Coins with real money. In a day, you have three chances to watch a video where you will get 750 Coins for each video that you have watched. And if you have so much money, you can buy the Coins by using it, guys. But, if you don’t want to buy, you can use this Jetpack Joyride hack to get unlimited Coins without paying anything.

What do you think about Jetpack Joyride game review that I have given above? Is it useful for you? I hope so because I ‘m so happy if I can help the players who play this game. Okay, guys, thanks for visiting and see you in my next article.