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swamp attack gameplay

Swamp Attack Game Review

Swamp Attack is a game where you have to defend your cottage which located in a swamp to survive. You have to protect it from the attack of evil animals and zombies. There are so many evil animals and zombies that will appear and attack your cottage so you have to prepare yourself and get the best weapon to help you in order to eliminate them.

swamp gameplay


Here, you can use so many kinds of weapons in order to do that start from the shotgun, minigun, rocket launcher and dynamite. You can use all the weapons you like whenever you want. You can also get some defenses to help you in protecting your cottage like making a barricade or calling a help from Cousin Roy, Aunt Misty, and Neighbour Bud.

swamp attack weapons

But, you need lots of Coins so you can have all of it. As we know, Coins is the currency system of this game which used to buy all the things that available in this game. Now, don’t worry anymore if you don’t have a lot of Coins because you can get it from Swamp Attack hack for free. Yeah, and you can also get it as many as you want, guys. How can I know it? It is because I have tried it and then I got so many free Coins in my game account. So, better you try it if you want to be like me.

Multiplayer Mode

swamp attack multiplayer

Oh yeah, there is also a multiplayer feature so you can battle with other players to protect your cottage. The rules are simple, you just need to collect some egg from the yellow bird which will come to you. Then, the eggs that you have collected can be exchanged with some wild animals to attack your enemy cottage and your enemy will do the same.


Overall Swamp Attack game is more than just fun, it is addicting. With more than 300 single player levels that we can clear will makes us busy in front of our smartphones. I’m sure you won’t stay away from your device if you have played this game. Otherwise, you will stay for hours and won’t stop. So, I will give this game 8 out of 10 for its rating score.

How To Play:

  • Tap the screen to shoot the animals and zombies
  • Drag and drop the explosives to the enemies to terminate them at once
  • Switch between weapons during the game
  • Upgrade and equip the best weapons before starting the game
  • Use potions to keep you alive

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