Do you like to play a First Person Shooter game? Then, you should try this Dead Trigger game right now. You know why? Because it is a very good FPS game that you can find on Play Store, guys. And now I wanna give you Dead Trigger review for you who don’t know about this wonderful game

Dead Trigger Review

About This Game

Dead Trigger was released in 2012 by MADFINGER Games. This game is about shooting and shooting. Here, you need to survive from the zombies attack by shoot them to the death. This game can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store where you will need around 160 MB as the require space in your device. It is not too big for a great game like this. You will love it so much after you see the graphic and feel the gameplay.

Dead Trigger Gameplay

dead trigger gameplay

This game is very easy to control because there are some buttons on your screen to move your character. On your left side of the screen, there is a cursor button which used to move left, right, up, and down. Then, on your right, there are some buttons to do an action such as shooting and reloading. And to move your character view, you can swipe your screen to left or right.

The Currency System

Like many other games, this one also has a currency system called Gold. It is used to buy some items and weapons that can help you to get rid of the zombies. Without it, it will be more difficult to take down all of the zombies. Actually, you can get this thing by playing through the game. But, it will be easier if you use this Dead Trigger hack. Yeah, you will tons of Gold in instant if you try it right now.

The Features Of This Game

  • A stunning 3D graphic and high quality audio which will make you amazed
  • Easy to control
  • Tons of weapons available
  • Many different ways to slaughter the zombies

I think it is the end of my Dead Trigger review for today. I hope it can be useful for all of you. Then, thank you for visiting and reading my article. See you, guys.