Welcome back to my website, guys. It is good to see you visiting my website. Today, it is time for me to give you World At Arms review. So, do you know about this game? It is good if you don’t know anything about it because you can read my review about this fantastic game. Now, don’t waste your time anymore and let’s check it out now.

World At Arms Review

About This Game

World At Arms is a war strategy game where you will have to lead your army to the battle and beat your enemy to win the battle. It was brought to us by Gameloft, one of the biggest mobile game developers. This game is really exciting to play and it is one of the most popular war strategy game that you can play. Just take a look at the number of downloads that it has got until now. It is more than 10 million times, guys. The rating of this game is quite good also where it gets 4.2 out of 5. That stats show that World At Arms is a really good game.

What We Have To Do In this Game?

Here, we need to manage our very own base by making some buildings, facilities, and etc. But, before you do that, you have to gather some resources.The resources can be obtained from your resources production or by attacking other players and stole their resources.

World At Arms Gameplay

world at arms gameplay

In order to launch an attack, you need to train your units first. There are a lot of unit types that you can bring to the battle such as the tank, jet, and much more. And in order to beat your enemy easily, you have to upgrade your units level so it can be far stronger.

The Use Of Gold Star

In this game, there is a Gold Star which used as the currency system. This thing is really important in order to help you to get a further progress. The Gold Star is used to build some new buildings and develop your base. Not only that, you also need it to upgrade your buildings, facilities, and units. You can do nothing if you don’t have this thing. So, if you want to get a lot of Gold Star, just use this World At Arms hack right away.

Overall, this is a good game for you who love to play a strategy game. And I’m sure you won’t get bored easily because it is too addictive. Okay then, I think that’s all about World At Arms review for today. I hope you like it, guys. Then, thank you for your attention and see you next time.