Do you play Castle Clash? This game is really exciting to be played. If you never play it before, I suggest you play it start from now. And if you decided to play it, I wanna give you some Castle Clash tips and tricks. So, for you who still new to this game, you should check this out.

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Castle Clash Tips And Tricks

Protect Your Resources

This game is using the Gold and Mana as the main resources. They are very important to do an upgrade and making troops. So, in order to do all of it, you have to protect them from the enemy’s raid. Make sure that you don’t lose too many resources when you got attacked.

Make The Defenses Stronger

If you want to protect your resources, the best way is to upgrade every single defense that you have. This can help you to kill your enemy’s troops faster so they cannot make even worse damage to our base.

Target The Town Hall For Instant Win

In this game, if you want to win when raiding an enemy’s base, you need to get at least a star. You will get one star if you have succeeded in destroying half or 50% of the enemy’s base. The second one is by destroying their Town Hall. And if you want to get the perfect three stars, you need to destroy everything in their base. But, try to aim the Town Hall first because you will get a star although you just manage to destroy less than 50% of their base. If you don’t get the Town Hall and you can only destroy less than 50%, you will lose.

Manage Your Troops Before Attacking

This is so important because your win is decided by the troops that you bring to the battle. So, before you attack the enemy, make sure that you have brought the right troops which suit enough with your strategy. Doing this will increase your chance of winning battles.

Clear The Achievements To Get Gems

This one will be the last Castle Clash tips that I can share with you. In this game, there is some achievement that you can clear. For each achievement that you have cleared, you will get a number of Castle Clash Gems for free. So, don’t forget to pay attention to it because the Gems will be useful enough for your progress.

That’s all the basic Castle Clash tips and tricks that I can give to you. Follow all of my tips above to help you in making a fast progress in this game. Oh yeah, don’t forget to try this Castle Clash hack if you want to get lots of free Gems. Then, thank you for reading my article today, I hope it can be useful and see you…