CSR Racing 2 is the second franchise of CSR Racing game which published by NaturalMotionGames. This game was launched for both Play Store and App Store so you don’t have to worry if you can play it on your smartphone or not. The first version maybe looks amazing. But, you will be amazed more than before when you see the second version of this game. So, it will be better if you check out CSR Racing 2 guide below so you won’t get confused when you start to play it.

CSR Racing 2 Guide

How To Play?

Actually, the gameplay is not different than the first version. You just have to take your car to a drag race and try to win it. So, at the beginning of the race, you need to tap your gas pedal to rev the engine. Make sure that you are not out of the green line. If you can stay on the green line when the countdown ends, you will get a perfect start which will give you an advantage at the start of the race. But, if you end up in the red line, you will get a bad start and your car won’t get enough power.

CSR Racing 2 Gameplay

csr racing 2 race

And while running the car, you have to change the shift by tapping the shift pedal. The rule is the same where you need to tap it when it is in the green line. When you get that, your car will run faster

Play It In Solo

There is a campaign that you can play to clear the storyline. So, in this mode, you will have to race along with the storyline and beat all of the enemies to go to the next tier. Here, you will get some rewards if you have succeeded in beating the enemies.

Play It In Online

Here, there is also an online race where you can challenge the people from all over the world. You can choose the opponent that you want to race against. The players are waiting for someone to challenge them. Interestingly, you can place some bets to get a bigger reward.

Tune The Car

You will get beaten easily every time you go up to the higher tier or when you race with a player with a faster car than yours. But, it can only happen when you don’t tune up your car. So, it is important to tune it up whenever you can. You can tune up the nitrous, transmission, and tires to make your car faster. Then, if have done with all of it, you can beat every player in this game.

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