WWE Immortals one of the legend game that you should play in your free time. This is versus one on one. Yeah, it’s quite different from the usual WWE games. Now, I want to give you WWE Immortals guide how to become the best player. If you curious about it, just check out the guide below. Hopefully, it will help you who want to become the greatest player in the game.

wwe immortals characters

WWE Immortals Guide | What You Need to do in this Game!

  • Heroes: In the beginning of the game, you will obtain three characters (It’s only a bronze level). For the first time is quite powerful. But later on, it’s become useless. You Need to obtain a better fighter in order to beat all the challenges.  At least you need to obtain silver or gold hero. This is the greatest one that you should have. You will get a lot of boost power for sure.
  • Save Up your Credits: Why you need to save up this one? The main objective is to become the number one player. With it, you can summon a new hero. With it, you can buy character like Undertaker which price is 42.000 credits. Yeah, that’s a lot of amount of credits.
  • Timing: In a fighting game, timing is your best friend. If you have a perfect timing, beating all your opponents is easy as a pie. In every chance of your opponents attack you can counter them. Like someone said, defense it’s a good offense.
  • Choose the Hero That Can Buff the Entire Team: It’s really important to choose a hero like that. Especially a hero that can boost your attack and defense power. Just choose two heroes as the main fighter and the last for the support role.

wwe immortals gameplay

The Best Way to Obtain WWE Immortals Free Credits!

Buying a character it’s not that cheap. You need a lot of amount of credits. That’s why I will give you some tips to get your free credits. You need to keep it a secret to the developer because they will hunt me down if they know about this one. Click WWE Immortals hack to find out the secret. You will be redirected to another page. It’s work like a charm, you can rest assured.

Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today article. If you want to add something, don’t hesitate to write down your thought below. See all again next time and happy gaming guys!