Bomber Friends is a fun online multiplayer game where we can play up to 8 persons in a single match. Players can play this game with the other players from all over the world or with friends. Also, it is supported with a campaign which has more than 300 levels. It will make you busy in this game. Your job here is to destroy your opponent by placing the bomb to make them explode. There are also some items that can help your job to be easier. Overall, it is an addictive and exciting game that you should play. And if you wanna try this game, you should check out this Bomber Friends tips below. These tips will help you a lot in understanding this game so you won’t get beaten easily when you try it.

Bomber Friends Tips

Customize Your Character

If you can be different, why you have to wear the same outfit like the other players. Here, you can customize your character’s appearance by changing his/her clothes, accessories, hat, hair, even the bomb, taunt, and greetings. You can customize them as you like with tons of combinations.

Trap Your Opponents

In playing this game, the bomb is your weapon to destroy your opponents. And in order to make you easier to destroy them, you can make a trap. The trap here is by placing the bomb in the right place to make your enemies get cornered. Then, they cannot go anywhere because they get stuck and get exploded.

Take The Items

As I said before there are some items that you can use in this game. The items will be very useful so you need to take them when you have the chance. For example, the item which has a bomb image will increase the number of bombs that you can place. Then, there is a flame item that will increase your bomb explode range. And there are still some useful items that you can find on the match.

Tips On How To Get More Bomber Friends Coins?

Besides by playing the game and winning matches to gain a lot of Coins, there are some other ways to get it actually. So, just check out some of the best ways below.

  • Check Out The Shop. If you want to get more Coins, you can buy some of it from the shop. There are some options that you can choose where each option has a different price.
  • Watch The Videos. Inside the shop, there is a video of advertisements that will give you some Coins each time you watch it.
  • Try This Link. The last way is by using the Bomber Friends hack where it can give you a big number of Coins for free.

Thank you for reading this Bomber Friends tips and have a good game.