Pixel Gun 3D is the most exciting and interesting first person shooter (FPS) game with a block graphic. Everything in this game is in a square shape. This game is really famous where it has won the heart of countless FPS lovers from all over the world. And here we are to give you some Pixel Gun 3D tips that are easy to apply for all people.

Pixel Gun 3D Gameplay
pixel gun 3d gameplay
pixel gun 3d gameplay 1

Pixel Gun 3D Tips

Always Keep Moving

As Dory from the Finding Dory movie said keep swimming, keep swimming. So here, you have to always keep moving. If you don’t move and just stand still in one position, you will take a bigger damage because you are an easy target for the enemy. And then, you will die easily.

Try to Aim the Head

If you want to be a great FPS player, you need to master and familiarize yourself in shooting your enemies head. You know why? Because it is the fastest way to kill them. When you shoot the enemy on the other parts of the body like hand, leg, and etc, they won’t die easily. They can still survive longer. But, if you shoot them in the head, they will die instantly.

Reload Your Weapon when You Get the Chance

When you shoot the enemies, your ammunition must be decreased by the time you shooting them. And you need to remember that your guns won’t reload automatically. So, you have to reload it yourself. Try not to forget to reload your gun when you have the chance and don’t let yourself run out of ammo. By reloading your ammo very often, you are ready and well prepared to face our enemies.

Learn about the Map Layout

One of the most important things to master a first person shooter game is by memorizing the map layout. It is important to memorize each map layout so you can understand about each map. You will know where to hide or how to infiltrate. Also, you can know the best location for you to hunt your enemies and to protect you from them.

The Secret Tip to Get More Gold and Gems

I have one last tip for all of you and this one is very secret actually. But then, I decided to share it with all of you. This tip will give you the Gold and Gems for free so you can buy every weapon which available here. So, just try this Pixel Gun 3D hack right now if you want to get them.

Now it is the time for you to play this game and try the Pixel Gun 3D tips that you have learned from me.