Hello gamers, we’re back here again with some amazing tips and tricks. Today we will talk about the famous game Vainglory. We’re pretty sure that a lot of you have played this game. If you love DOTA then you will absolutely love this game. It’s the best MOBA game on mobile platforms. Fans around the world have been playing this and some of them are dedicating their life to be a pro in this game. Vainglory introduces you to a lot of heroes but only some of them are unlocked. To get the rest, you need ICE and that premium currency isn’t easy to get. That’s why today we will talk about the Vainglory tips and tricks how to get the ICE.

You and I have probably know that ICE is the premium currency to buy heroes in Vainglory. But the bad news is, it’s not something you can get so easily. How to get it? Let’s find out below.

Vainglory Tips and Tricks To Get ICE

Vainglory Tricks To Get ICE

1. Purchase With Money

The game has clearly stated that you won’t get ICE just by playing the game. They can only offer you package of ICE to purchase with your real money. You can buy it in the game store. They accept payment by some credit card.

2. Watch Twitch Streams

Even though you can get ICE for free through the game, but you can still get some of it via Twitch Streams. Vainglory said that in some special events, they can give away some amount of ICE for the gamers who watch their official Twitch streams. So, you better watch out for some sudden special events, don’t miss it.

3. Use a Tool

This could be your last resort to get some ICE. There is some Vainglory hack tool you can try to get ICE for free. The internet has hundreds of such tools. But beware that some of them tools are just want to scam you to fill their surveys. Nevertheless, the rest proved to be successful giving you some amount of free ICE. Do this method on your own risk.

So there, all three Vainglory tips and tricks to get the premium currency. You can try all the methods below and the result will be the same. Good hunting, and see you on the battle.