Do you play Nitro Nation? Have you become the king of drag racing? If you haven’t, you must don’t know how to become a king in this game. So, here I am to give you some useful Nitro Nation tips that can change you from a usual drag racer to become a king of this racing game. Now, just check out the tips below.

Nitro Nation Tips

Below here, I have categorized the tips between the race, tuning and the ways to earn more Gold. So, make sure to see all of it so you can be a better drag racer.

Nitro Nation Racing Tips

nitro nation race

  • Make a Perfect Start

At the beginning of a race, there is a trick that can accelerate your car. The trick is by waiting until the countdown reach “3”. Then, when you see it, try to match your revs with it. If you did it perfectly, you will be able to make a jumpstart which is very good for a beginning.

  • Keep an Eye on the Speedometer

In a racing game like this one, you don’t have to pay attention to your car or the road while you are in a race. Since the car will run automatically and there are no obstacles, you just need to pay attention to the shift. Make sure the needle hit the green bar when you are changing the shift. If you get the green bar it will be a perfect shift and it will affect your car’s speed as well.

Nitro Nation Tuning Tips

nitro nation tune

  • Upgrade Your Car

Maybe you can win the race easily at the beginning but remember that you will make progress. And each time you progress further, the game will be even harder. Then, you need to upgrade your car to increase its performance so it can run faster. Upgrading your car is very important in this game to make you still competitive to race with the next opponents.

  • Specialize Your Car with the Blueprints

Blueprints can boost your car’s performance better than the normal upgrade. But as a price, it will downgrade some your car’s part. So, you can specialize your car on one thing although it won’t be so great at the other things. You can get the blueprints from races although you cannot get it every time you won a race.

Nitro Nation Gold Tips

  • Race the Other Players

You can go to the street race to find a random opponent. Here, you can race with them, and if you manage to win the race, you can earn a nice amount of Gold.

  • Sell the Blueprints that You Don’t Need

If you already have so many blueprints but you don’t use all of it, you can sell some of the unused blueprints. Then, as the reward, you will get some Gold for each blueprint that you have sold.

  • Try this Link

If you want the fastest way to get the Gold, you can use this Nitro Nation Hack. This link will give you the number of Gold that you needed in instant. You even don’t have to spend your money to get it.

That’s all Nitro Nation tips that I can share for today. Hopefully, it will be very useful and can help you in this game.