Unkilled is a zombie shooter game from Madfinger Games where players have to shot down all of the zombies to survive. Just supported with a lot of weaponry and tools is not enough for the player to survive if they don’t know the way to stand a chance in this game. But, my Unkilled tips will help you out to fight all of these zombies. So, let’s take a look at the tips below.

Unkilled Tips and Strategy

Save Your Ammo

In order to survive longer in the Unkilled game, you need to keep your ammunition. Since the ammo can run out, it is important to use your ammo wisely. Make sure to shot the zombies precisely so you won’t waste a lot of ammunition. Maybe you can get it from the zombies that you have killed but if they don’t drop any ammo, it will be a problem.

Pick Up Everything that the Zombies Drops


When you have killed the zombies they are not only dropping ammunition but also some other items like extra experience and health. They are really important especially the health which can be used to increase your health point. So, make sure not to forget to take it especially when you are running out of health point.

Get Rid of the Easier Enemies First


In a battle, there are various zombies will appear starting from the easier one to kill until the harder one. So, it is better for you to take down the easier zombies first before you face the harder ones. This way will help you to decrease the number of zombies that you have to face faster than when you get rid of the harder one first.

Shot Once and Take Down Two


Here, you can play using a sniper rifle. Actually, this weapon is really amazing because it can kill two birds in one shot. You just need to find an angle where the zombies are in the same direction as your aim. Then, release your shot and it will pierce through the zombies. This way is really useful to save your sniper’s ammo and you will have more time to kill the others.

Aim for the Head


If you can aim very well, you can try to aim for the head. This way is not just can be used to kill a human instantly but also to the undead. It is very effective since you can kill them faster and save more ammo.

Use the Rockets and Medikits only when It is Necessary

You will have some rockets and medikits when you are in a battle. Both of it will be very useful when you are in a dangerous situation. The rockets can be used when you are surrounded by a group of zombies and the medikits can be used when you really run out of health point and there is no health which drops from the zombies.

It is my last Unkilled tips for today. And if you want to know how to get more Gold in this game, just try this Unkilled hack immediately. So, thank you, guys, and see you again later.