Hey guys, what’s up? Do you know about Subway Surfer game? Yeah, this is the unique game that you can play on your Android and iOS system. Here, you play as a young boy who wants to escape from the police chase. The game has an interesting concept, along with the way you need to collect coins. If you want to become the best player, you must collect more coins. Also, there is power ups item that you use to help you in your journey. Know, I want to explain about Subway Surfers Power Ups what is it anyway? Just see the list below.

Subway Surfers Power Ups

Power ups are really helpful for all of you who want to finish the stage quickly. You can do many things with this one, are you curious? Just see the list below.

  1. Jetpack: With it, you can fly around. So, the chaser can’t keep on you. This is the best item if you want to avoid obstacles in this game. You can also collect coins easily in this mode. So, don’t forget to take advantages of it.
  2. Super Sneakers: It will give you the super speed that will leave behind the police. But, your reaction also required for this method to success. Because if you’re not careful, you will bump into the obstacles.
  3. Coin Magnet: Best power up item to collect coins. You can run straight forward all the way because you will absorb all the coins that you meet on your journey. So, you can relax while avoiding the obstacles.
  4. 2x Multiplier: If you can get this power up, you can get a double score at the end of the stage. It’s really useful if you want to become the number one player in this game. Or want to make your name appeared on the leaderboard.

subway surfers gameplay

So, Which Power Ups Items That more Efficient?

The first power up that you should equip is the Jet Pack. This is the most useful one at the start. The second one, you can equip coin magnet. If you want to get a lot of coins, you must use this one regularly. The last item is Super Sneakers. Yeah, the last useful item, if you want to safe from the police, you need to use this to run faster.

Do you want to buy more power up items with coins but you don’t have enough? So, what can you do? Either you play the stage or you use Subway Surfers hack. This method will grant you Subway Surfers free coins immediately without paying anything. I already tested it and works like a charm.

Okay, guys, I think that’s enough for the Subway Surfers power ups item. If you want to ask anything about this game, just PM me or write down the comment below. I will reply you ASAP. See you all again in the next chance.