Fallout Shelter is a favorite game for everyone. It is because this game offers a lot of interesting things. This game allows you to build and manage your own vault to survive. This is one of the best game from Bethesda as the publisher of this game. Now, I would like to share you some tips for Fallout Shelter that can help you in the game.

fallout shelter tips

Tips for Fallout Shelter that You Have to Know

Think First Before You Build Something

Make a plan is the first Fallout Shelter tips that I will share you. In this game, there are some different rooms that you can build. So, before you build something, try to make sure that you make the room that you really needed for now. If you make a room that you don’t need at this moment, it will make you difficult to help the dwellers to survive.

Put the Dwellers in the Right Room

Each dweller has different abilities. And each of their ability can be used in a different room. The dwellers will be happier if they do the work that they are best at. It is the same with the room because it will produce something faster if they are handled by the right hand.

Explore the Wasteland

You can order your dwellers to explore the wasteland in order to find some useful things such as the suit, weapon, and etc. Maybe it will take some time but, you can order them to go back if you think that it is enough for them to search things.

Armed Your Dwellers

It is important to keep an eye on your dwellers because sometimes there will be intruders or attack from mutated animals like the cockroaches. So, in order to protect and keep them safe, you should be armed them with a weapon. If they have a weapon, they can fight back the intruders or the cockroaches.

Make the Human Resource

The last tips in playing Fallout Shelter is that you can produce your own human resource by pairing a man and woman into the same bedroom. They will make a deeper relationship after having a long conversation. Then, the woman will give birth a new baby which later will grow up and become a new human resource.

That’s the last tips for Fallout Shelter for today. I hope the tips above can help you a lot. And if you need some tips about your favorite game, you can make a request in the comment box. If I know the game that you requested, I will give the tips for you.

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