Who doesn’t love fishing? Everyone in this world loves it very much. Yeah, I’m included or you can call me a fishing addict. Yeah, fishing can relax your mind from your stress on the works. But, in this modern era, you can enjoy fishing without using the real fishing rod or go to the lake. You can simply just download the game that related to your fishing hobby. Yup, if you have a smartphone you can make your dream come true. Now, see the best fishing game on Android and iOS that you should download.

Best Fishing Game

ace fishing

  • Ace Fishing: Do you want to feel the real sensation when catching your fish? If so, this game can make your wishes come true. I’m joking guys, it’s real. If you don’t believe me, you need to download it right away. I’m sure you satisfied with this game because of the quality of a console game. Oh yeah, the game using FPS perspective, so you can only see the fishing rod. The gameplay is simple, to begin the fishing section, you can click the cast button on the screen. The sensation of this game like you goes fishing for real. So, you need to be patient, because of the fish not that stupid as you think to take your bait.

extreme sport fishing

  • Extreme Sport Fishing: Actually, this one is a copy of Ace Fishing. But, if you want something extreme like the game title says, you need to play this one. What makes it extreme because you need to spin the reel as fast as you can to catch the fish if you make one wrong move, it’s done, guys. Also, you can compete against another player to prove who’s the best one.

fishing break

  • Fishing Break: If you want something lighter than the two game above, you should try Fishing Break at all cost. I’m sure you won’t regret it. The game is quite different from the previous game that I mention. And also the graphics is not that great, but the gameplay it’s relaxing, I’m sure you will enjoy it. Here, you play as a young boy who travels around the world to become the greatest fisherman. The graphics it’s quite cute, especially the fish.

fishing diary gameplay

  • Fishing Diary: This is the best fishing game and the weirdest one. If you want to play a fishing game that can give you the unique feeling, this one is the best. Yeah, because in this game, you can catch a fish with a ridiculous trap. One of them like Spider Web, you can use this one to slow down the fish speed, so you can catch it easily. Because this one is my favorite game, I will give you something that you will like if you decide to play Fishing Diary game. Yeah, the best way to get free coins. Are you curious? Just click this link Fishing Diary hack”. It will give you unlimited coins as many times as you want.

Okay, guys, that’s the best fishing game that I want to share you. Hopefully, it can help you to look for the best one. I think it’s enough for today, hopefully, my article can help you. If you want to ask me about another great fishing game, you can write down your thought in the comment section below. See you all again next time.