Playing Vainglory game can become a quite tricky. I’m sure for veteran players and beginners players have difficulties when playing this one. You don’t need to lie to me, I know what you feel about this game. That’s my main reason why I create Vainglory game tips. You should read the tips carefully guys. Why? Because it will really help you a lot. If you curious about it, just check out the list of tips below.

Vainglory Game Tips

  1. Always have an escape route. So, when you battle against an enemy that you can’t beat you just begin your escape plan immediately.
  2. When you attacking the miner, do attack recklessly because you will die soon enough before you know it. I recommend you draw the enemies to the bushes and your teammates will ambush the enemy.
  3. Use healing items. In this kind of game, I suggest you bring many healing items as much as you can. Yeah, because in this game, your HP will drain faster from the opponents attack.
  4. For the team fight, you need to beat the weaker enemy first. Usual you beat the strongest enemies first, but, in this game, you can’t apply that strategy. I don’t know why but the weaker enemies in this game quite troublesome.
  5. Kraken. You need to watch out for this one. Don’t you ever attack Kraken in open area. Why? If you don’t want to die quickly so don’t do it. I ever attack Kraken in the open area and within a minutes I died. That’s why teamwork is really crucial in to beat this monster.
  6. Last but not least, in a team fight, I recommend you to at least have one tanker. It’s really helpful especially if you find the deadly attacker. Having a tanker can help your team to survive the ordeal.

vainglory gameplay

Okay, guys, that’s the Vainglory game tips that I want to give you. Hopefully, it can help you to strategize better. Oh yeah, I have one secret tips for you. I’m sure you curious about it, right? Do you know it’s really hard to get Ice, the currency of the game? If so, you need to see my last tips to get Vainglory Ice. If you really want it, just click the link below.

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You don’t need to be afraid, this is real. I already tested it and works like a charm. Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today. Hopefully, my article can enrich your knowledge about Vainglory game. Okay guys, see you all again next time and have a nice day.