Who doesn’t know about Pixel Gun 3D? The game that has same vibe like Minecraft. I’m sure veteran player in this game really enjoy it. Of course, for the new users who recently start this game will enjoy it too. Today, I will focus my attention on the players who recently played this game. I’m sure they a little confused about the game. Especially about starter weapons. Now, without further ado, you need to see Pixel Gun 3D game tips.

Pixel Gun 3D game tips | Information about Starter Weapons

  • For the first time, you start this game, you will be given a simple machine gun. Of course, the power of this gun not really powerful also the accuracy is really bad. That’s why you need close enough to the opponent that you want to shoot. I recommend you don’t shoot from far away or you will miss a lot.

  • The second default weapon is the simple shot gun. Don’t you ever use it except in emergency situation. Why? Because it will take too long to reload the weapon. It will waste all your time on the field. Also, the fire power is really low but it’s higher than the simple machine gun.

  • The only starter weapon that useful for you only Pixel Gun. The attack speed, accuracy, power, and short reload time. Everything that you need for the first time is on this weapon.

  • Combat Knife, the other weapon that you received for the first time. Don’t use this kind of weapon except in short range or you will get beaten up quickly before you know it. Also, when you use this knife if you can aim at the head because it can destroy all your opponent quickly.

pixel gun 3d gameplay

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