Tank Raid Online is an amazing real-time multiplayer game. This is the game that every people would love. If you ever play an .io game, you will know how this game looks like. It is quite similar to the like of Arrow.io. Now, to find out more information, please check out our Tank Raid Online review right away.

Addicting Gameplay

In this game, we and the other players will play as a tank in so many modes such as solo deathmatch, team deathmatch, solo survival, and team galaxy football. While battling, we can use a tank which has different attack and skills. We have exactly three skills in the beginning and each of it has a cool-down after use and we have to wait for it in order to use the skill again.

tank raid gameplay

As an example, in the team deathmatch, we will play in a team of three and battle the same number of the enemy’s team in a futuristic arena. We have two and a half minutes to gain as many points as we can by destroying each other. When we destroy an enemy, we will get a point as so do the enemy. The team with the most point will win the match.

Amazing Game Features

Besides of the gameplay that will excite all of its players, Tanki Online also supported by some great features such as…

Many Tanks to Ride

This game serves us with a lot of tanks to ride. Until this article is published, there are around 17 tanks that we can use. But, we need to unlock it first if we want to play with it by collecting the cards of each tank until reaching the number of cards that are required to unlock it.

Lots of Skills to Release

As we mention before that we have three skills in the beginning. It means that it is not the only weapons available in this game. There are still lots of skills that we can use in the battle such as super rocket, grapeshot, ice ball, shield, laser, and much more. But, besides the first three skills that we will get in the beginning, the other skills have to be unlocked by collecting the cards which are similar to unlocking the tanks.

Changeable Skins

When we bored to use a tank with the same style, again and again, we can simply change its skin to alter its look. Actually, only the colors that will be changed but, in this game, it is called as skins. Unfortunately, in order to get the skins, we also need to collect the cards first like the tanks and skills.

Fiction Arenas

The game also has so many arenas to play so we would not get bored too easily. There are exactly 7 arenas which have a futuristic outer space looking. Each arena also beautifies by a very nice environment around it which of course, will make us feel amazed.

Mesmerizing Graphics

A good game like this is really worth to get a nice graphics. Luckily, it is that we will find while playing this game, a mesmerizing graphics that will entertain us a lot. The 3D graphics are really wonderful which combined with a colorful and eye-catching colors. The details are quite impressive as we can see how realistic are the tanks, the environment, and the explosion. Overall, this aspect will not make us disappoint at all.

Final Words

Tank Raid Online is a very nice .io game that we will love to play. It is not only has a good gameplay but also supported by some other aspects such as exciting features and great graphics. Overall, we will get addicted to this one.

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