The phenomenal game on a smartphone. Probably this is the best one which released on the mobile device. You will begin your adventure in Woanope planet because your ship already gets destroyed by the enemy infantry. In order to make your adventures easier in that weird planet, we already prepare Crashlands guide for a beginner which can help you to know all the basic information.

Crashlands Guide

This game is really hard if you do not know the mechanism behind it. Do not need to worry, we offer you the best way to guide you through this game. It is the right time to get your revenge against Hewgodooko, the one who destroyed your ship.

Material Items

The first one you should pay attention is the material item such as schematics, loot, eggs and so on. After you beat the enemy or you use the hacking system (This is the process where hacking specific stuff to get the item). You must notice the item will not get your inventory directly. You need to take it manually to obtain it. Also, if you leave the material item, you can go back again to get it. Rest assured it will not go anywhere else.


crashlands crafting

The next one is about crafting. We are sure you already know very well about this one. This is the process which you combine the material with a blueprint to create a weapon or armor. You can also track down the material which needed to do the craft. It is not really hard actually. If you cannot find the item, it means you need to proceed to the next stage to get it.

Equipment Quality

Do not randomly equip a weapon to your character. Each weapon has a rarity. There are normal, acceptable, satisfying, excellent, and legendary. Just see the weapon to find more information about it. For the beginner, we recommend you use the satisfying weapon. It is not really hard to get rather than you choose the normal one.

Creatures (Monster)

Sometimes, to get the rare material you need to kill a creature. Of course, it will be hard if you do not prepare well. That is why before you go hunting, stock all the healing item or another support item which can grant you a status bonus. For your information, you can also tap the creature to find more information about them. Strike with a weapon which has an additional effect like a burn, poison, and so on is really a good idea.


crashlands building

Like simulation game, you need to build your basecamp. Remember, you live alone in an unknown planet. The function of a shelter itself is to refill all your HP and become a storage for your item. Your pocket has a limited amount of item space. If you do not use the item, just put in your building.


How about it guys? For beginner player who recently plays it, our Crashlands guide will help you to understand the mechanism behind this game. Actually, it is not hard to understand this game. If you do not afraid and want to move forward, we are sure bit by bit you will become the master.