Point Blank is one of most well-known and the best FPS games on PC. The gameplay of this game is really exciting because we can compete with the other players and test our shooting skill. If you are a fan of this game, you should be very happy because it has been released on mobile by one of the biggest Korean game developers, Nexon Company. Now, let us check our Point Blank Strike review below.

Things You will Find in Point Blank Strike

We are sure that you already know the basic gameplay of this game where we will be divided into two teams, Ct-Force and Terrorist and play in some different modes. So, that is why we do not need to explain it anymore. Now, we will just explain all the things that we will find in this game.

Similar Gameplay with the PC Version

point blank strike gameplay
The gameplay of Point Blank Strike

When you play this mobile version, you must be shocked as it has the same or we may say an identic gameplay with the PC version. The modes are really similar such as deathmatch, bomb mission, clan war, and etc.

Familiar Characters, Maps, and Weapons

Not only the gameplay, the characters like Tarantula and Redbulls, the maps like Burning Hall and Crackdown, the weapons like AUG and MP-7 are available in this game as well. Those things are really similar to the PC version itself.

Manual and Auto Firing System

If the PC version only has a manual firing system, we can try the automatic firing system so we just need to aim the opponent and the weapon will fire automatically. This feature is really helpful since it is quite difficult to play an FPS game on mobile.

4 Vs 4 Match

In the PC version, we will play in a team consist of 8 players so there will be 16 players in a match. But here, we just have four members in one team which means 8 players in one room.


point blank strike lobby
The graphics of Point Blank Strike lobby

For the graphics aspect, we could say that this mobile version has a similar graphics although there is a little improvement. When we are in the lobby, the 3D graphics are better and smoother than the PC version. But, when we are a match, we can say that it is quite similar. Besides, the details are really great as well where the environments in each map are very awesome.


This game is really entertaining and will make you get addicted. From all of the aspects of this game such as gameplay and graphics, we could give 8 out of 10 as its score because those aspects are quite impressive. Nexon Company as the developer is really serious about developing this game.