Tank Raid Online is one of the most addicting real-time multiplayer games on mobile. Actually, the game is quite easy to play. But, some people are having a difficult time to get a win and they get beaten by their opponents frequently because they do not know how to beat them. Here, we will guide you about how exactly to win the match easily. Take notes and learn from the experts.

Choosing Name and Avatar

This is the first part of this game that we have to do before starting the game. In the very beginning, we will be asked to fill a name that will be used as our nickname display. The name will appear when we are just in the lobby or playing in a match. Then, they also ask us to choose one of some avatars to represent ourselves in this game.

Follow the Tutorial/Instructions

After that, we will learn something by following the basic tutorial given. In this section, we will be taught how to control the tank, how to shot the opponents, and how to use the skills. The tutorial is really short so make sure to pay attention to it and remember what you have learned from it if you do not want to get confused during the game.

Unlock More Tanks

tank raid tanks

Using the common tanks will not help us to challenge the other experience opponents which have a stronger tank than us. That is why it is very important to unlock some new and stronger tanks in order to compete against those players. Just play this game regularly and get a lot of boxes to open where we can get some cards to unlock the tanks and upgrade the ones that we already have to increase its level.

Obtain New Skills

tank raid skills

A good tank is not enough without a support from good and deadly skills. As we know, skills are very important to give us a hand in destroying the opponents faster. With good and high-level skills, we can destroy everything in front of us in a second. In order to get some new skills is by opening the boxes which are similar to unlocking the tanks. And we can also upgrade the skills that we have to increase their destructive power.

Win the Daily and Weekly Champion to Get Lots of Coins

daily and weekly champion

After winning a match, we will get some trophies that will be accumulated. The trophies are used to rank a group of 20 players in the Daily Champion and all players worldwide in the Weekly Champion. At the end, we will get 500 Coins if we get the highest position in the Daily Champion and 4000 Coins for the first place in the Weekly Champion.


That is the end of our Tank Raid guide for today. We really hope that this guide can give all of the beginners a hand in playing this game. We also sure that you will improve your game a lot after reading our guide above. So, this ends our meeting and do not forget to check the review of this game as well before you start it.