A unique RPG game on the Smartphone finally appeared. Hyper Heroes is one of the best RPG on the smartphone which everyone can play. So, what makes this game different from the usual RPG? Find out the review on our website right away.

Hyper Heroes Gameplay

We will explain all you need to know about the gameplay of this. What kind of awesomeness await you? Cure your curiosity below.

Battle System

hyper heroes battle system

If you usually play turn-based RPG or action RPG, this one is really different from that. If you ever play a pinball, you will know how to play this because it is similar. The gameplay is pretty simple, just shoot your hero to the opponent, remember do not randomly shoot or you will miss an attack. Remember, all your hero will attack non-stop as long as they still move. It is like the concept of pinball, the game will not stop until the ball stop moving.


This is basically the main story mode in this game. In this mode, you will take your favorite hero to beat the evil thing which creates a chaos in Hyper Heroes world. In order to get the perfect score, you need to achieve three stars rating. To get it either you have to beat the enemy within the time limit or any of your character cannot die in the battle. The requirements for three stars rating is not really hard. We are sure all of you can achieve it without any problem.


hyper heroes arena

The place where you face off against a real player. If you manage to win in the arena, you will get a reward point which you can redeem in the arena shop. Of course, for all player who have an objective to get a better material to upgrade the character and hero shards need to participate in the Arena at all cost.

Co-Op Play

This the greatest mode ever in this game. You can play together with your friends to beat a strong boss. After you beat it, you will get the reward from it. Of course, the one who becomes the MVP (Most Valuable Player) will get the better reward.

Graphics Aspects

Honestly, the 3D graphics are not really good. The developer of the game does not create the graphics seriously. It could be better if actually. But, we think is enough to see the beautiful character model even though when you zoom, the resolution will get lower.

Final Thought

Well, this game is not really bad. Actually, it is really good to play. We really recommend you take a peek to see the awesomeness. That is the quick Hyper Heroes review. Download it on Play Store and feel the greatest sensation ever.