Dawn of Titans is a really great strategy game which can be played on our smartphone which uses an Android or iOS platform. And now, we would like to welcome you to our Dawn of Titans guide which can help all the beginners who still do not understand about this game. Hopefully, it will help you a lot and let us check it out right now!

Getting Another Builder’s Yard

In the beginning, we only have one builder to build or upgrade the buildings. That is why it is important to save the Gems we have in order to buy another Builder’s Yard so we can build or upgrade more buildings at once. We highly recommend you do this way because using your Gems to get the Builder’s Yard first is better than for the other things.

Improving the Titans Attributes

dawn of titans relics

Having a strong Titan will help us a lot during the battle. And relics can help us to do it as it can increase our Titan’s attributes such as health, damage, defend, and etc. At first, we are only able to put one Relic on the Titans because we only have one slot since the others are still locked. But, another slot will be unlocked as we level up our Titans. Make sure that you use the Relic that is needed the most by your Titan.

Ways to Get Those Relics

We do not need to worry about how to get this thing as it is quite easy actually. There are three different ways that we can try to get it. The first way is log in every day to get a daily bonus from the temple. We will get it once on each day. The second way is purchasing the relics by using our real money from the in-app purchase. And the last is by winning the battles in the campaign mode. Sometimes we will get a Relic as the reward.

About Titan Fusion

dawn of titans titan fusion

You have to know that we can sacrifice a Titan to improve another Titan’s power to make it stronger. When our castle have reached level 7, the Titan Fusion feature will be unlocked and we are allowed to sacrifice a Titan for another Titan that we want to improve. After a Titan has been sacrificed, it will be gone from the list.

Getting More Resources

dawn of titans islands

Resources are very important to support our progress in this game. And the best way to get them is by capturing islands. Capturing some islands is really helpful as it improves the ability to generate resources. But, remember to place some troops and Titans after we acquired the island in order to protect it from other players raid.

The Benefits of Joining an Alliance

Besides of allowing us to socialize with others in the game an Alliance also has some other key features that will benefit us. First, we can help our fellow member by providing reinforcements where we can get Gems in return. Then, we can also ask for reinforcements when we are about to do a battle which will be very useful. The last but not least, we have the chance to get really great rewards when our Alliance taking part in the league events.

Final Words

Those are the Dawn of Titans guide that we can share about this game. May those guides can be really useful for you to improve your game progress. Follow all of our guides above and we sure that you will become the best player in this game.